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What is Integration?

May 25th, 2023 | 4 min. read

Isabel Leckie

Isabel Leckie

Isabel is a Marketing Specialist at DGA.

Integration in security refers to the interactivity between different parts of a security system. Here are some examples of what you can accomplish with an integrated security system.

  • Create a high-resolution video clip when a user credential is presented to a specific reader. The video clip will automatically capture a few seconds before and a few seconds after a user enters the door 
  • Pull reports on-demand or receive real-time alerts to view the video clip along with the activity data on who, when, and where the reader was accessed 
  • Receive an alert when a user enters a high-security area such as a stockroom or safe to verify the video against the user photo on file 
  • Review the video clip when an access credential is denied in order to monitor potential unauthorized intrusion attempts 
  • Receive an attached video clip from the closest camera to an activated intrusion alarm 
  • Automatically unlock doors during a fire alarm emergency  

These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with an integrated security system.  

By working together, integrated security systems can provide a more comprehensive view of a location and enable the monitoring center and your team to respond quickly and appropriately to any security incidents.  

To learn more, check out our blog articles on integrated security systems. 

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