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What is a Mobile Access Credential?

February 29th, 2024 | 1 min. read

Isabel Leckie

Isabel Leckie

Isabel is a Marketing Specialist at DGA.

A mobile access credential is a convenient app installed on your employees' smartphones that allows them to gain access to an access point by simply tapping or twisting their phones near the access point. This technology utilizes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or NFC (Near Field Communication) which offers reliable and accurate access. Mobile access credentials widen your access control options beyond the more common access fobs and cards and can replace or supplement the use of physical access credentials.

There are several advantages to using mobile access credentials.

One is that employees are far more likely to remember to bring their phone with them as opposed to something like a fob. This means that there is a slimmer chance of you having to manage lost credentials. Even if you run into this situation, DGAPass makes it easy to temporarily unlock doors from the web or mobile portal.

Another advantage is the increased security from using mobile access credentials. Though the technology used in other access credentials is just as secure as mobile access credentials, there is an extra layer of security with the use of smartphones. Smartphone passcodes make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to gain entry with stolen access credentials.