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What is a Local Door Sounder?

February 1st, 2024 | 1 min. read

Isabel Leckie

Isabel Leckie

Isabel is a Marketing Specialist at DGA.

A local door sounder is a siren device that provides an audio alert when a protected door is held open past a preset time period, typically 15-30 seconds. Its purpose is to promptly and effectively alert individuals that a door has been held open for an extended period. By doing so, it not only prevents unauthorized access but also ensures that the security of the premises remains intact.

A local door sounder is usually installed at the door in order to alert those nearby. However, the versatility of a local door sounder extends beyond being solely installed at the door. It can also be strategically placed in a separate location, such as a security office, where vigilant staff members can continuously monitor it. This provides an additional layer of security, as the sounder acts as an audio alert mechanism for the staff to promptly respond to any potential breaches.